Yes… ANOTHER diet blog

So I figured I would start this online food and exercise journal to try and help me track my progress. I thought that actually taking the time to post it online would help me to focus on achieving my goals, which are not to lose 3stone in 9 days or eat only red foods on tuesdays (you’ll find no faddy craziness here!) but just to be mindful about my habits and make healthier choices without putting my life on hold. I suppose I want to share my experiences of trying to make positive changes without any extreme sacrifice. Basically, I’m just a normal girl, living a normal life and trying to drop a few pounds. I have no ‘goal weight’ in mind, I just want to find a weight and size at which I feel comfortable and confident :)

SO… here goes.

Starting Stats:

WEIGHT: 9st 9.5lbs

UPPER ARM: 10.1″

THIGH: 18.4″

WAIST: 26.25″


Wish me luck… ❤


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