Look into my eyes; it’s where my demons hide… <3

Thursday May 1st

9st 5.5lbs

Horrible, dull grey morning so I thought I’d brighten it up with another mood & energy boosting green super-food smoothie 🙂


  • Smoothie; 1 cup spinach, handful coriander, 1″ ginger, 1/2 lime, 1 small banana & 1/2 avocado (300)


At breaktime I had a cup of tea and snacked on a banana and a cheeky chocolate chip cookie.

20140501_105348 chocchips download


  • Unsweetened tea with semi skimmed milk (20)
  • Maryland chocolate chip cookie (55)
  • Banana (100)


Lunch was a delicious salad with prawns, mango, cottage cheese & olives, followed by a handful of almonds.



  • Salad with prawns, cottage cheese, 1/2 mango, black olives, coriander & lime juice (380)
  • 15 almonds (105)


Dinner was on the go so I grapped a prawn salsa wrap and a small packet of crisps from Sainsbury’s. I also had a large fruit smoothie.

6a00d8341c660253ef00e54f27f8d88834-800wi download (1)0028905c466b474d25447c0ef2a459b99a027c74

  • Chilli prawn & mango salsa flatbread (350)
  • Salt & vinegar Squares (120)
  • Innocent “Energise” smoothie with strawberry, cherry, guarana, flaxseeds & vitamins C, B1, B2, B3 & B6 (225)


I didn’t get home from work until almost 9pm this evening so after a 12 hour day I fell into bed with a large glass of milk and another handful of almonds.

IMG_7085 1


  • 250ml skimmed milk (90)
  • 15 almonds (105)




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