Friday Vibes…

Friday April 25th

9st 4lbs

Gloomy dark morning but I don’t care cos its FRIIIIIDAAAAY 😀

Had a delicious banana & milk smoothie for breakfast, along with a couple of ryvita crackers with honey. Before I left for work I also had an extra couple of plain ryvitas and then a cup of tea when I arrived. At breaktime I snacked on a banana and another cup of tea.


  • Smoothie; 200ml skimmed milk, 1 banana & vanilla essence (200)
  • 4 x ryvita; 2 with honey, 2 plain (210)
  • 2 x Unsweetened tea with semi-skimmed milk (40)
  • Banana (100)


I had a mini portion of spaghetti carbonara for lunch which I topped with avocado, tobasco and black olives. Surprisingly tasty :). I also had some breakfast biscuits on the way home.



  • Heinz spaghetti carbonara mini-meal with black olives, 1/2 avocado and tobasco sauce (320)
  • Belvita Breakfast Biscuits; Milk & Cereal (220)


After school I got on a bus to go and stay at my boyfriend’s for the weekend. He picked me up from the station and we stopped off at the pub for a glass of wine before heading to his house where he’d prepared a meal of lamb, veg and sweet potato. We shared a bag of rainbow buttons afterwards 🙂



  • Large glass Rose (130)
  • Roast shoulder of lamb with sweet potato, wilted spinach, peas & sweetcorn and redcurrant jelly (420)
  • Sainsbury’s Rainbow buttons (230)




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