You are my sunshine…

Wednesday 19th March

9st 6.75lbs

Breakfast this morning was a bowl of porridge with prunes and berries followed by a cup of tea at breaktime.

20140319_071041 20140319_110045

  • Quaker Oats Porridge in ‘golden syrup’ (made with water) topped with blueberries & prunes (270)
  • Unsweetened Tea with semi-skimmed milk (30)


I’m running low on food (and money) already this month so lunch was a scraped together mix of a canned ravioli mini meal and a cup ‘a’ soup! I followed this with another cup of tea.

20140319_122707 20140319_110045

  • Tesco veg-filled ravioli (150)
  • Mushroom & crouton cup ‘a’ soup (115)
  • Unsweetened tea with semi skimmed milk (30)


In the afternoon we were doing science experiments involving melting different types of chocolate and I just couldn’t help getting a little involved ;).


  • Mixed chocolate squares (200)


Dinner was a quorn steak and veg with a little bbq sauce. I followed this with some natural Greek yogurt topped with oats and prunes.


  • Peppered quorn steak with bbq sauce (175)
  • Broccoli, cauliflower & kale with salad dressing (130)
  • Porridge oats and prunes with natural Greek yogurt (350)


In the evening I had some more porridge as I was feeling peckish before bed



  • Quaker Oats Porridge in ‘golden syrup’ (made with water) & 1tbsp honey (190)





This evening’s workout was a brand new one for me; from the P90X2 series. It is called P.A.P (Post-activation Potentiation) Lower and is comprised of 2 ‘complexes’ of 4 moves, each repeated 4 times. I read up on the workout before completing it, and from the reviews I was expecting a monstrous 60minutes but in reality I didn’t think this workout came even close to the dizzying heights of anything from the Insanity programmes, or even Jillian Michaels’ later workouts. Whilst I could certainly feel muscles working and my heart rate did fire up periodically doing this DVD, I got far more of a sweat on from doing 30 minutes with Jillian’s Body Revolution workouts than an entire hour here. The repetitive nature of the workout also meant that I felt bored and impatient pretty quickly and that isn’t great for my motivation.

All in all I would say this is a great workout for those who are less advanced in their fitness OR for those who are looking for a longer, slower-burning workout, perhaps for those days when you are feeling a little less than your best.


  • P90X2 P.A.P LOWER (60mins)



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