Loving every minute cos you make me feel so alive…

Wednesday 29th January 

9st 5.5lbs

This morning started much like yesterday… greek yogurt, oats and banana chips and plenty of black coffee to wake me up. Is it the weekend yeeeeet??

20140129_063951 20140129_063959

– Greek yogurt, cranberry oats, banana chips & sweetener (350)


During the morning I snacked on an apple and 2 cups of tea.

20140129_083445 20140129_083445 20140129_105555

– Apple (75)

– 2 x Tea (50)


Lunch was tikka masala with rice and veg, followed by a nectarine and more tea!

20140129_121616 20140129_123224

– Rice & veg with tikka masala sauce (500)

– Nectarine (40)

– Tea (20)


Dinner was veg with black bean stirfry sauce, grapes & a big glass of skimmed milk.

20140129_154914 20140129_154928

– Broccoli, cauliflower & carrot with black bean sauce (170)

– 250ml skimmed milk (100)

– Grapes (150)


In the evening I went to London with some friends to watch the stage show ‘Wicked’ (AMAZING!) where I was a bit naughty and had a glass of wine, some marshmallows and chocolate buttons. On the train home I also had a packet of crisps. Oops. Worth it though… what an evening 😀 😀

20140129_175745 images (1) White_Wine_Glas100641

– Marshmallows (160)

– 3 giant chocolate buttons (50)

– Large glass of wine (200)

– Chilli heatwave doritos (200)





Today I was in a huge rush after school to get on a train to London so I did a quick resistant workout from Chealean Johnson’s Turbofire series. Not the most intense of workouts but certainly got a good burn in the arms using medium weights 🙂







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