Dream on; dream until your dreams come true…

Tuesday 28th January

9st 5.75lbs


This morning I had a bowl of natural greek yogurt with oats and banana chips and a strong black coffee to start the day. I had another black coffee in the staff room before lessons started and at break time I snacked on an apple and a cup of tea.


– Low fat greek yogurt, oats, banana chips & sweetener (360)

– Apple and Tea (100)


Lunch was a pesto pasta salad from Boots, an apple and some grapes, followed by another cup of tea.


– Pesto & Pinenut Pasta Salad (366)

– Grapes (150)

– Apple (75)

– Tea (20)


After work I snacked on an Innocent smoothie and a bag of popcorn on my way to sports coaching. Also had another couple of cuppas whilst working 😀

20140128_152229 20140128_164300 20140128_17190620140128_171906

– Innocent; Peaches & Apricots Smoothie (150)

– Sweet Honey & Sea Salt Popcorn (122)

– 2 x Tea (55)


Dinner was a simple bowl of veggies with mustard, followed by a peach and a mini cheesecake bite.


– Carrot, broccoli & cauliflower with mustard & balsamic vinegar (150)]

– Peach (40)

Mini strawberry cheesecake bite (100)





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