All you need is love…

Monday 27th January

9st 6.25lbs

So it’s been AGES since I updated… been too busy being happy and having a lovely Christmas. Turns out the right person is the key to being happy… not numbers on a scale :D. HOWEVER, that said, we have just booked a springtime holiday and it would be nice to be looking my best so a little bit of ‘maintaining healthy habits’ can’t be a bad thing šŸ˜‰


SO… this morning I started out with fruit, yogurt and oats before snacking on an apple and a cup of tea during break time.


– Activia raspberry yogurt, oats and 1 nectarine (290)

– Apple and Tea (130)


Lunch was a quick and easy Uncle Ben’s rice and sauce with another apple and more tea. Later on I snacked on a duck sushi pack in town.

attachment30 175

– Uncle Ben’s Rice and Sauce (370)

– Apple (75)

– Tea (30)

– Duck Sushi Pack (175)


Dinner was a sweet chilli noodle salad with veg, followed by an apple. 455OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

– Sweet Chilli Noodle Salad and Veg (445)

– Apple (75)


I also had a cheeky mini cheesecake bite as a bedtime snack šŸ˜‰


– Mini strawberry cheesecake bite (100)





Today’s exercise was one of the big ones… INSANITY! My least favourite workouts of all time (ie. the hardest šŸ˜‰ ) Now usually I’m not one to shy away from tough workouts; I’ll lift heavy until I literally can’t move anymore and I happily ran marathons before my leg operation stopped me from road running… but these workouts just fill me with dread. The sheer speed and frenetic nature of them terrify me. Nevertheless they are an unavoidable part of my program and so I push through. Today, luckily, was one of the (marginally) easier ones. And by that I simply mean slightly shorter. Pure Cardio. I felt like I did a good job although I had to push pause a few times to take a few breaths in between exercises. Later on I went and did some gymnastics training… trying to get some of my old moves back šŸ˜‰ . download gymnastics


– GYMNASTICS TRAINING (low intensity) (1.5 HOURS)




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