I see your true colours shining through…

Monday 23rd September

Breakfast this morning was a chopped apple with greek yogurt and peanut butter, with a nice big cup of coffee. Mid morning I had an alpen light bar as a snack.

greek-yogurt-apple-banana 140168153

  • 0% greek yogurt with chopped apple and 1tbsp peanut butter (300 cals)
  • Alpen light bar; Apple and sultana (70 cals)


Mid morning I did my workout which today was heavy strength. I did circuit 2 of Chalean Extreme’s ‘Burn’ phase which I have to say, was tough going. It’s very very slow-paced so you need to go heavy on the weights but if you do, it’s a GREAT workout. I could feel my muscles working all over and I’m sure I’m going to be achy tomorrow!




I had an early lunch of scrambled eggs with ham & olives and ryvita & hummus, followed by a muller light yogurt.

images images (1)44524011_H

  • 2 eggs scrambled with cherry tomatoes, red pepper ham & green olives (250 cals)
  • 2 ‘hint of chilli’ ryvita with 1/2 pot piri piri hummus (200 cals)
  • Muller light Banana & Custard yogurt (100 cals)


In the afternoon I went out for a cappuccino and a gossip with my grandma, before snacking on a couple more ryvita with philly at home.

download (1) P1080857

  • Cappuccino; 2 sweeteners, semi skimmed milk (60 cals)
  • 2 ‘hint of chilli’ ryvita with sweet chilli philadephia light (200 cals)


In the evening I made some quorn sausages with grilled veg for me and my mum, followed by some frozen yogurt and raspberries.



  • 2 Quorn sausages & mustard with grilled pepper, onion & carrot, drizzled with sweet chilli sauce (350 cals)
  • 3 scoops of mango & passionfruit frozen yogurt with raspberries (270 cals)


TOTAL CALS: approx. 1800


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