There’s magic in my wings…

Wednesday 18th September

Well I have had to take a short break from updating as I have been crazy busy with guests and then moving country. By train. With a cat. Not fun. But I’m back in business now. No scales at the moment so can’t keep a weight record but I’ll have to just go by visuals until I can get out and buy some.

I only arrived here late last night so I was exhausted this morning and got up a little later than usual. I had a breakfast of fruit and yogurt with a little pot of peach-flavoured dressing & an iced latte macchiato. Later in the morning I had an alpen light cereal bar.



  • Grapes, strawberries and melon with 0% greek yogurt and a small pot of peach flavoured dressing (300cals) 
  • Iced Latte Macchiato Light (111 cals)
  • Alpen light; summer fruits bar (70 cals)


Exercise has been slightly sporadic over the past week since I’ve been so chaotic so after my morning snack I did a round of Jillian Michaels Cardio 3 to get me back in the swing of things with a bang.




I had a GORGEOUS lunch of chicken, duck and veggie sushi, with seafood and yogurt & mint dip followed by some more fruit.

DSCF5185 DSCF5184

  • Chicken, duck and veggie sushi + Tandoori spiced calamari and prawns with yogurt and mint dip (450 cals)
  • Melon, pineapple and mango with passion fruit dip (200 cals)


In the evening I had a thai red prawn curry… totally delicious! I love being back in the UK 😉


  • King Prawn Red Thai Curry (450 cals)


In the evening I went out with my mum to the theatre for some AWESOME feel-good entertainment. Priscilla Queen of the Desert… such a fun show :D. When I got home I had a mug of hot chocolate and a couple of lychees before bed.

belgian-butterscotch-product lychee_heart_1_by_yuri_chan1018-d4176jl

  • Options Hot Chocolate; Butterscotch (39 cals)
  • 2 lychees (20 cals)


TOTAL CALS: approx. 1640


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