Se lo vuoi, cantare, sognare, sperare…

Friday 6th September – 9st 6.25lbs

16a (9.6)

I’m actually developing a hint of a waist…! That’s crazy, even when I was a teenager and skinny I was always very straight up and down. I used to run for miles and miles every day but I was terrified of weights for the classic reason: I was terrified of bulking. So I was very skinny but had no shape at all. Since I’ve discovered lifting and even body weight training, I’ve seen changes to the shape of by body not just the size… but positive ones. Not bulking but sculpting! It’s a revelation! Obviously there is a long way still to go but I really am feeling fitter and stronger every day. It is no longer about being thin, but about being the strongest and healthiest I can be. And the craziest thing is that I’m really enjoying the journey. I love the routine of being mindful of what I eat (and I stress here: mindful and NOT restrictive!) and working out every day. It makes me feel  productive and like my life is order. I can’t stress the number of positive changes that are happening in my life right now and it’s all down to mindset and intent. I’m never gonna be super-skinny or super-ripped because as much as I admire those that do, I don’t want to make the kind of commitment necessary. What I do want is to be as fit as I can, look the best I can, but still enjoy my treats and live my life. Equilibrium really is the key 😀


So onto this morning; I filled a couple of halved nectarines with jam and then baked them for about 30mins. I ate them with peach flavoured greek yogurt and washed them down with black coffee. Scrumptious. Baking fruit really brings out the juicy sweetness and makes them feel so indulgent :). I was up with the dawn so by mid-morning my stomach was growling at me and I had a slice of toast & jam and another coffee.



  • 2 nectarines baked with 1tbsp cherry jam and served with 170g peach flavoured greek yogurt (0%)
  • Unsweetened black coffee x2
  • 1 slice wholegrain toast with 2tsps cherry jam


Lunch was another scraped together concoction of rice and mushrooms which actually turned out to be surprisingly tasty 🙂


  • 1/2 cup (raw) basmati rice with saffron spiced mushrooms, fresh chillis & parsley, balsamic vinegar & salad


I spent most of the afternoon spring cleaning my wardrobe in anticipation of my big move back to the UK. Tiring work but I managed to get rid of a lot of clutter which always feels good, and also re-discovered a few gems that I’d forgotten about. It’s like a super-cheap way of going shopping ;). When I’d finished I had a quick pre-workout mug of soup that I found hiding in the back of the cupboard. (I won’t speculate on how long it’s been there… :/ )


  • Thai chicken and Lemongrass cup soup (96cals)


Stuck to my personal favourite workout today as I really wanted a good, solid, heart-pumping cardio session. Jillian Michaels of course! It killed me but I really put my all into it; I genuinely think this is the best I have ever performed this workout. I can feel myself getting tangibly stronger and fitter each and every single time I do it. 🙂




When I got to work I was starving so I had a few crisps and olives from the bar. For dinner my boss made me a lovely chicken salad with chilli and lemon oil dressing and a slice of bread which I enjoyed with a small glass of wine. Long, busy shift at work so by the time we finished I was ready for a good night’s sleep 😀

  green-olivedownloaddownload (1)2013-09-06 21.18.50


  • Small bowl plain, salted crisps and 4-5 green olives
  • Small glass white wine
  • Chicken salad with black olives, tomato, chilli & lemon oil and 1 slice bread


TOTAL CALS: approx 1900


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