Am I asleep? No I’m alive, I just can’t believe that this is my life…

Tuesday September 3rd – 9st 6lbs

I was awake in time for the sunrise this morning. I’m really gonna miss waking up to this view every day… something about living here in this paradise makes me feel so happy and peaceful. I just can’t imagine not having the lake to look out on anytime I need a reason to get out of bed.


I ate a hearty breakfast that I prepared last night… my own, alternative to egg salad (I hate mayo!) with mustard, chopped veg and feta cheese. Delicious! Later on I had a pre-workout  banana.


  •  2 hard boiled eggs mashed with red pepper, chillis, feta, basil, parsley, mustard and spices
  •  Black, unsweetened coffee
  •  Banana


After breakfast in bed and a little bit of relaxation, I decided that today was the day. It was time to tackle Insanity. I must be… well… insane. I deliberated over which workout to pick and settled on Pure Cardio because it is TOUGH but it’s only 40mins… I thought throwing myself straight back into the 60minute circuits was just too cruel. Pure Cardio consists of a pretty intense 10-minute cardio warmup (a year ago I would have said ‘super intense’ so I guess that means there has been a tangible improvement somewhere down the line!) followed by a nice long yoga-style stretch. The main part of the workout is made up of 15 hard-core cardio exercises, each performed for 60 seconds… NO BREAKS! Ok so I gave my pause button a little workout too and took 30-60secs between every 3rd or 4th exercise or so but I got through it and that’s the most important thing. To be honest, even the fitness buffs (and they are RIPPED!) in the video are dying and taking breaks throughout so I don’t feel too bad 😉




For lunch I had a gorgeous grilled veg salad with feta and toast. SO summery and fresh. I used aubergine, tomatoes and basil from my Dad’s garden. I know it sounds cliche but it really is just so much tastier than shop bought stuff… particularly the tomatoes! In the afternoon I had an ice lolly while I was doing some sunbathing by the lake.



  • Aubergine & tomato grilled with 1-calorie spray and served on a bed of salad with 2 slices toast & mustard, basil leaves, 1tbsp oil & balsamic vinegar
  • Ice lolly


I had an early dinner as I was going out later in the evening. I had a soya burger with veg all topped with mustard and philly followed by grapefruit with a sprinkle of sweetener and jam



  • Soya burger with carrots, peppers, zucchini & tomato, all topped with a mixture of philadephia light, mustard, fresh parsley & spices
  • Pink grapefruit with 1 sweetener and 1tsp cherry jam


At about 9.30pm I set off to meet my friend and together we hiked up the mountain to the S.Martino church. It’s so beautiful up there… way above the light pollution the sky is filled with stars and you can see almost the entire lake. It makes our little part of it seem so small. 🙂 We drank some red wine and then pitched a tent to sleep. Beautiful evening xx


  • WORKOUT 2: HIKING (40mins flat, 30mins steep uphill)
  • 2 small glasses of red wine


TOTAL CALS: approx. 1870


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