Taking a trip down memory lane…

Sunday September 1st – 9st 7.25lbs

First day of September… Autumn is creeping up on us. That wonderful time of year when the leaves turn to rust and gold and there is the smell of bonfires in the air. Cosy evenings and pumpkin pie… Just blissful :D.

For today though, the sun is shining and it’s forecast to be hot hot hot. I finally did some shopping last night so after a week of having an empty kitchen, it is now fully-stocked and ready again.

DSCF4618 DSCF4619 DSCF4623 DSCF4624DSCF4622

So I had a lovely early morning breakfast of toast, fruit and coffee, and spent a few hours being a bit lazy… snoozing and catching up on emails/blogs/general internet footprints. I had a 300ml glass of skimmed milk mid-morning.


– 2 small slices of toast; 1 with 1tbsp crunchy peanut butter and 1 with 1tsp cherry jam

– Watermelon chunks

– Unsweetened black coffee

– 300ml Skimmed milk


At lunchtime I whipped up some quick scrambled eggs with veg, philly and feta cheese followed by some more watermelon. In the afternoon I snacked on an apple



– 2 eggs scrambled with tomato, red pepper, 1 spoonful philadelphia light, 40g feta cheese, parsley, basil and salad

– Watermelon chunks

– 1 Apple


Today’s workout came from Sean T’s ‘Hip Hop Abs’ series and I have to say I couldn’t have been more disappointed. After enduring Insanity’s aptly titled craziness I was expecting so much more from this. It was slow-paced, boring and not even remotely challenging. It relies entirely on the ‘tuck and tighten’ technique which needs to be applied throughout for the moves to have any real use at all but even then… I was hugely underwhelmed. I will give another of the workouts a go but I won’t be repeating this one.




This evening I cooked up a delicious pumpkin curry with homemade sauce which I ate with basmati rice. Was so simple to make and yet just so tasty! Finished up the day with a banana.


– Roasted pumkin, carrot and onion with 1/2 cup (raw) basmati rice and curry sauce made from skimmed milk & philadelphia light

– Banana


TOTAL CALS: approx. 1995


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