Summer Paradise…

SATURDAY AUGUST 31st – 9st 8.5lbs

So I’m back after my little hiatus 🙂 my house-guest has been and gone and we had a WONDERFUL time, picnic-ing in the mountains, swimming in the lake and enjoying the local cuisine and wine.

 1229918_666389585498_2075288746_n  DSCF4515  

DSCF4518DSCF4527DSCF4517DSCF4470DSCF4469601471_666331706488_1251842388_nDSCF4525 DSCF4537DSCF4472DSCF4548DSCF4552DSCF4555DSCF4560DSCF4564

Yes… I really do live in paradise 😀 . Of course he left a 3.5lb gain in his wake BUT I’m not too worried, I expected worse to be honest with you, after a week of R&R. And looking at body shots of then and now, I can’t see much visible damage so I think a few days back into exercise and healthy food and I should be as good as new. Ever the optimist 😉

11b (9.5)14b (9.85)

The shot on the left with the pink shorts is post-detox 1 week ago (at 9st 4.75lbs) whereas the picture on the right in the blue shorts is today (at 9st 8.5lbs). I genuinely feel lie the difference is minimal and not something to lose sleep over.

SO, onto to today. I started the day with a fruit, yogurt and some strong black coffee.


– Pink grapefruit grilled with 1 packet sweetener, 1 apple stewed with cloves & 125g banana yogurt

– Black coffee (unsweetened)


In the afternoon my Dad had some guests so we all had lunch together in the garden… it was so sunny and beautiful. Totally blissful afternoon :D. We had an aperitivo of white wine, crisps and rosemary bread sticks. Then for lunch we ate pasta with zucchini and saffron and grape & tomato salad, washed down with an amazing red Tuscan wine. Dessert was a fruit salad.

A bit indulgent sure, but I was very mindful about not exaggerating which I think is the key. I kept to a couple of glasses of wine and just a very small handful of crisps and rosemary sticks at the aperitivo. Then I had just a half portion of pasta with my meal, loading up on salad instead, and stuck to just one glass of the red wine. My goal now, as ever, is to find a balance between living and enjoying my life, whilst at the same time trying to become more self-aware. I think this lunch perfectly summed that up and I’m pleased with the choices that I made.

 2013-08-31 11.52.392013-08-31 11.52.39fpx189722013-08-31 12.27.59

– 2 large glasses dry white wine

– Small handful plain, salted crisps (about 5)

– 3-4 rosemary bread sticks


download (1)tumblr_me0hymHMQN1qm2r2fo1_500 

– 2 spoonfuls of pasta with zucchini and saffron

– Large portion of tomato & grape salad with vinegar, basil and a drizzle of olive oil

– 1 large glass red wine

– Fruit salad with Apple, berries and grapes


After a few hours relaxing and chatting in the garden it was time to go home and in the early evening I tackled Cardio 3… Wow that’s a killer after a bit of wine and afternoon sun. Ok I admit it. I took an extra 60second break between the second and third circuits but man I really put 100% into it so I’m feeling very endorphin-full. Nothing beats the feeling of achievement after finishing a tough workout.




In the evening I just had a light meal of sliced chicken and tomato salad (made with tomatoes and basil from Dad’s garden… so amazing!!), followed by fruit. Then it was early to bed… long day of sunbathing ahead tomorrow 😀

DSCF4627 DSCF4628

– Low fat chicken slices on a bed of salad and basil, with tomatoes, balsamic vinegar and 1tsp olive oil

– Watermelon slices and 1 banana


TOTAL CALS: approx 2480


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