Ma poi arrivi tu…

Wednesday August 21st

9st 4.25lbs

1-2 copyDSCF4463

So it’s all over and the final weight loss figure stands at just over 5lbs. Pretty happy with that and even more happy with what I am seeing in the mirror which is real, significant, visible changes. Eating clean really works. However that kind of restrictive diet is not sustainable for me long-term because whilst I like to make healthy choices as often as I can, I also want to live my life and that means some indulgences too. The key, as always is balance and moderation. That is what I want to try to take away from this.

However, that said, I have a friend arriving today for a visit so I can see this being a rocky few days diet-wise. Might need to think about some damage-control come Monday :p. I do really want to try and be mindful whilst he is here though… the idea is to let go, enjoy myself but try not overdo it too much.

Breakfast this morning was not ideal but it was basically whatever I managed to salvage from work last night since I haven’t had time to go shopping. I found an orange, a cereal bar and some juice and I had some very strong black coffee.


– Orange (65 cals)

– Cereal Bar (85 cals)

– Apple Juice (100 cals)

– Black coffee (unsweetened) (5cals)


After breakfast it was workout time and since this is likely to be the last one I get in for a few days I decided to make it a good one. Jillian Michaels… cardio 3! Yes! I did it! And you know what? Not as bad as I expected. I made it all the way through and whilst I was undoubtedly killed dead by the end, I really hammered it from beginning to end. Pleased ๐Ÿ˜€




I’m off to work now and then straight to the airport for the pick-up so this will be my last post until Monday. Happy Weekend one and all ๐Ÿ˜€



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