Sunshine through my window…

Tuesday August 20th

9st 5.25lbs


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Yesterday was tough… towards the evening I suddenly found myself craving sugary, sweet foods and had a strong urge to binge. However I’m doing my victory dance again, as I held strong and stuck with my fruit and veggies. I feel that the difference between the day 1 and day 10 pictures is very encouraging… just 10 days of eating lots of clean, healthy foods has completely changed the shape of my body. Whilst I’ve only lost about 4lbs in weight, I look and feel like I’ve dropped a dress size simply by losing the bloat that comes with eating junk food. It just goes to show how small changes can make such a huge difference 🙂

So anyway today is the last day and it’s bananas and milk. I bought 8 nice big bananas and 1.5l of skimmed milk to munch on/drink through the day.


– 8 Large Bananas (1080 cals)

– 1.5l skimmed milk (530 cals)




In the morning I went on a lovely brisk one hour walk in the sunshine. Then in the afternoon I did a double whammy; Insanity’s Insane abs and Turbo Jam’s Cardio Party (mix 1). Insane Abs is a tough-going ab routine… wouldn’t expect anything less from Insanity of course. Meanwhile these turbo jam cardio party workouts just aren’t ticking the boxes for me at all. This one was even worse than the remix that I did before; slow… repetitive and very very boring and after 45 minutes I didn’t feel like I’d gotten a good workout at all. I have been persevering with them due to the good reviews (and due to the fact that I actually enjoy the strength-based turbo jam routines!) but I just can’t bring myself to recommend them, except perhaps to complete exercise beginners.

view-in-front-of-the turbojam cardio party download


  • WALKING (60 mins)
  • INSANITY; INSANE ABS (30 mins)




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