High school reunion…

Friday August 16th

9st 6lbs


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SO… half way point!! 5 days down and so far sticking to the plan (apart from my little wine cheat) hasn’t been too difficult because I’ve been able to eat decent quantities of food. This has kept me fulling full and satisfied and staved off cravings. Actually the further along I go, the less I’m craving sugar and carbs etc… guess our bodies just adapt. The downside, is that I seem to have hit a wall weight-wise. However, I think you’ll agree that there is a pronounced change in body shape from yesterday, and my clothes are starting to feel significantly looser which is a more solid indication to me that progress is happening 🙂

Today is fruit and veg day and I started out with 3 large carrots and a yellow pepper for breakfast, mainly because nothing has been open for a few days and I had nothing else in the house!!

images (6)images (6)

– 3 large carrots & 1 large yellow pepper (150 cals)


After breakfast, before venturing out to the shops, I felt like it was time for a cardio session so I did my ‘go-to’ cardio favourite… Jillian Michaels. I stuck with cardio 2 today but I feel like the time is right for progressing onto cardio 3… It’s so wonderful to feel my body getting stronger and fitter again day-by-day 😀




After my workout I went to the shops and bought 1/2 a watermelon and 10 nectarines to make up my calories of the rest of the day. Then I got ready to enjoy an afternoon with an old high school friend 🙂 . God I love fruit days!!


– 1/2 watermelon and 10 large nectarines (approx 1900 cals)




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