Buon Ferragosto!!

Thursday August 15th

9st 6lbs


Uhoh… hit the dreaded detox plateau!! Now normally I wouldn’t mind… but coming off the back of that awful veggie day?? Harsh 😉

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Anyway, kicked off this morning with a breakfast of cottage cheese and milk, followed by a couple of cappuccinos during a gorgeous 3-hour boat tour around the lake.

cottage-cheeseimages (7)2013-08-05 10.48.212013-08-05 10.48.21

– 175g cottage cheese (170 cals)

– 1/2 litre skimmed milk (170 cals)

– 2 x cappuccino with full fat milk and sweetener (200 cals)


Today is a bank holiday in Italy and it is literally the day when everyone goes summer/party/alcohol mad so predictably, I was invited to a bbq/pool party for lunch. I knew that this spelled danger so I brought along some turkey slices and mozzarella to eat and managed to avoid all the steaks/sausages/polenta/pasta and god knows what else on offer. Is it wrong that I feel like doing a little victory dance of pride 😉 ? Now the bad news… I did let loose with a couple of glasses of wine which are TOTALLY not allowed and which I instantly regretted. Still today is a day of celebration… and you have to live a little right??

27727792image.php_ images (6)

– 140g roasted turkey slices (140 cals)

– 1 ball mozzarella (300 cals)

– 2 large glasses of white wine (400 cals)


In the afternoon I did a Turbojam workout to make myself feel a little less guilty (totally worked… endorphins for the win!)

images (6)



Dinner was a couple of hardboiled eggs and yogurt then it was early to bed… I’m having a little trouble sleeping at night because of the heat so I feel pretty tired!


– 2 hardboiled eggs with balsamic vinegar and sea salt (150 cals)

– 500g Plain, lowcal bio yogurt (190 cals)



Tomorrow is fruit and veg so I intend to be religious with my intake to make up for my little alcoholic blip this afternoon. Wish me luck 😀



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