Cheers for the freakin’ weekend…

Thursday August 8th

9st 7lbs

This morning I had fruit, yogurt and cereal with a drizzle of honey for breakfast. I then went back to sleep because it was 5am and I had been woken up by the rain. When I woke up again at 9am I had some almonds and coffee.


– Nectarine and bran cereal with plain, lowcal yogurt and 1tsp honey (250 cals)

– 15 almonds and black, unsweetened coffee (110 cals)


Lunch was grilled vegetables with sliced chicken, cheese and olives. I also had a strawberry lollipop.



– Salad, grilled pepper, zucchini & carrot with sliced chicken, soft cheese, olives & balsamic vinegar (450 cals)

– Chupa chups lollipop; strawberry (50 cals)


I had some more almonds in the afternoon

images (6)

– Almonds (170 cals)


This afternoon I decided to do a Turbo Jam workout. These are not my favourite workouts in the world as I find them too aerobic-y and repetitive and I don’t really feel like I’m getting an intense workout from them. I do think this is probably my fault though because I feel like as I get a little bored I perhaps don’t take it seriously enough and thus don’t give it 100%. But the reviews for this program are so great that I’m determined to give them a fair trial. So today I tried to stay present and really go all out and to be fair, it made me sweat. I think it’s too short (although I think I would lose my mind if it went on any longer!) but nevertheless, it got my heart pumping and was not a waste of 30mins.




I worked in the evening so I just snacked on a few crisps and nuts and a Solero. Later on I went out for some drinks

2013-08-08 18.29.53450---Solero-Ex-Ex-Image-Wrapped-HRes_tcm28-297489images (3) 

– Mixed nuts & crisps

– Solero Exotic (95 cals)

– Assorted drinks including, montenegro, vodka cocktails and campari






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