Kiss the rain…

Wednesday August 7th

9st 6.5lbs


I had a breakfast of yogurt with mango, almonds and bran cereal with black coffee this morning as I watched the sun rising and turning the whole sky pink. Just beautiful. Later on I had a couple of nectarines.

DSCF4210images (6)

– Plain, lowcal yogurt with 1/2 mango, 15 almonds and a handful of bran cereal (300 cals)

2 Nectarines (100 cals)


I had a barley salad with beans, chickpeas and carrots for lunch, followed by a nectarine and fruit pulp

2013-08-07 12.50.36  2013-08-07 13.34.56

Barley Salad with mixed beans, chickpeas, salad, carrots and balsamic vinegar (500 cals)

– Nectarine and fruit pulp (110 cals)


In the afternoon I snacked on fruit and yogurt with honey

2013-08-07 15.29.22

– Nectarine with plain, lowcal yogurt and 1tsp honey (200 cals)


It was a drizzly and grey afternoon so I decided to do a longer workout to kill some time. I picked a P90X session as I fancied something slow and heavy (ok I admit it… I was feeling too lazy for hardcore cardio 😉 ). That’s what I love about most of the P90X workouts; they are slow and steady and designed to work you to muscle failure rather than wind you. I know that cardio is an important aspect of fitness hence why I try to get a balance of both, but I do personally prefer to lift as I prefer extreme physical endurance to feeling like I can’t breathe and my heart is about to explode 😛 . I’d forgotten just how intense it is though… my arms are DEAD.

images (6)



Dinner was delicious soya burgers with mustard and mango salad followed by some almonds before bed.

2013-08-07 18.10.27images (6)

– 2 Soya burgers with salad, stirfried carrots & peppers, 1/2 mango, black olives, mustard & balsamic vinegar (500 cals)

– 15 almonds (105 cals)




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