This moment, we own it…

Tuesday August 6th

9st 7.5lbs

Was awake early this morning and ate a banana with greek yogurt and cereal for breakfast, along with strong, black coffee. Later I snacked on nectarines

DSCF4199images (6)

– Greek yogurt with banana and bran cereal

– Coffee, black & unsweetened

– 2 Nectarines


After breakfast I did a Turbo Jam workout which set me up for the day 🙂

images (2)



I went to meet a friend in town for lunch today so I had a cappuccino whilst waiting for the bus.

2013-08-06 10.52.57

– Cappuccino; full fat milk & 2 sweeteners (100 cals)


At the restaurant I had a few breadsticks followed by a delicious chilli prawn and couscous salad

2013-08-06 13.38.48 images (6)

– Small packet of breadsticks

– Salad with sweet peppers, onion, fennel, couscous and sweet chilli prawns


In the afternoon I had to pop into school to pick up some papers and it was SO hot in town!! I snacked on a solero and some peaches.

Soleroimages (6)

– Solero exotic (94 cals)

– 2 peaches


Dinner was yesterday’s leftover chicken, veg and potatoes followed by fruit and yogurt.

2013-08-06 18.05.49 2013-08-06 18.15.05

– Chicken, potatoes, carrots and salad with balsamic vinegar (400 cals)

Plain, lowcal yogurt with banana and fruit pulp (220 cals)


In the evening I got peckish and snack on a peach and a few almonds

images (7) images (6)


– Peach

– 15 almonds (105 cals)



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