Are we having fun yet…?

Thursday August 1st

9st 7lbs

After literally no sleep (I blame delayed jetlag) I finally gave up at 6.30 and had breakfast of stewed fruit with cinnamon and cloves and some strong, black coffee. Later on snacked on some more fruit.


– 2 apples and 2 plums stewed with cinnamon and cloves

– Apple, 2 kiwis and strawberries


Lunch was salad with sweet peppers and fruit followed by a couple of peaches and a small chocolate truffle

DSCF4186 peachesimages (2)

Salad, sweet yellow pepper, kiwi, nectarine and plums with balsamic vinegar

– 2 Peaches

– Small chocolate


Dinner was roasted veg and apple with soup and fruit. Detoxing is very dull… :p

DSCF4187 DSCF4188 DSCF4189

Apple, pepper, carrot and aubergine roasted with low calorie cooking spray and served with salad, balsamic vinegar and mustard

Homemade chunky veggie soup

– 3 plums and strawberries with lime juice



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