Saying goodbye to Hollywood…

Sunday July 28th

Did a quick pre-breakfast workout with Kimmy. we did Cardio 2 of Jillian Michaels’ Body Revolution. So much more fun to do it WITH someone 🙂




Breakfast was a bowl of fruit and a glass of milk

images (2) njnj

– Cherries and grapes & 250ml lactose-free milk


We went to the beach and had lunch at the Hollywood Beach Marriott. We shared a started of bread with hummus and then I had a veggie wrap with sweet potato fries. In the afternoon I had a fruit salad.

images (2)DSCF4160 images (3) 

– Bread roll with hummus

– Veggie wrap with salad, hummus and tabbouleh & Sweet potato fries with mustard

– Fruit Salad


I snacked on more fruit in the afternoon and Kimmy made me a venezualan arepa (cornbread) with cheese before leaving for the airport. It’s gonna be a looooong journey home!!

images (2)DSC01969

Grapes and Cherries

– Arepa with cheese




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