I want to sail the oceans, climb the mountains…

Friday July 26th

Breakfast this morning was porridge oats with milk and peanut butter, herbal tea, and a small sip of smoothie


– 1/2 cup of oats with 1/2 cup lactose free milk and 1tbsp peanut butter (285 cals)

– 60ml Naked Smoothie in ‘Carrot and Orange’ (30 cals)


My trial at LOA ended yesterday so today I started a 3-day trial at the local YMCA. Went down there this morning and it turned out to be a very well-equipped fitness center! I did a couple of classes, first a bootcamp style class followed by a strength and toning class. The bootcamp was fairly easygoing whilst the second hour of strength training was much tougher. I did stay on to do a latin dance class but got hideously bored about 15 mins in and slipped out. It was SO slow and repetitive… definitely one for the more elderly gym-goer.

ymca-join-summer-logoimages (3)images (2)


  • BOOTCAMP (60 mins)


After the gym I stopped off for frozen yogurt with fruit and a few dark chocolate sprinkles. Amazing!


– Fat free frozen yogurt with strawberries, mango and dark chocolate sprinkles (250 cals)


We went out to a Greek restaurant for lunch and had greek salad with some pitta bread and tzatziki and hummus dips. Seriously delicious!

20121217_FoodNetwork_S03_0113.tifimages (2)

– Greek salad with black olives, feta cheese and olive oil (450 cals)

– Pitta bread with hummus and tzatziki (300 cals)


In the afternoon I snacked on wasabi edamame beans and pretzels with goat’s cheese and later a few squares of chocolate.


– Wasabi edamame beans and pretzels with 2tbsps goat’s cheese (230 cals)

– Milk chocolate (100 cals)


This evening we went out to Fort Lauderdale for sushi. I had a huge plate of veggie sushi which came with a mixed salad with ginger dressing. I also had a glass of Saki. It was a LOT of food but it’s the weekend and it was a bit of a treat. Not to mention DELICIOUS!

2013-07-26 21.51.14 2013-07-26 22.17.38 2013-07-26 22.30.23

– 1 glass saki

– Mixed salad with thai ginger dressing

– Mixed veggie sushi platter



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