In this moment…

Tuesday July 23rd

This morning I had greek yogurt with cereal and berries and a small glass of smoothie

2013-07-23 07.23.21

0% Greek yogurt with lean cereal and mixed berries (350 cals)

– Carrot & Orange Smoothie (100 cals)


After breakfast I went to start a 3-day trial at a gym in Sheriden Plaza. I did some cardio on the x-trainer and a couple of classes. The first class was down as ‘Mat Pilates’ although it seemed to involved very little Mat work OR pilates. Instead it was mostly aerobic work with light weights. Nevertheless enjoyable, if a little slow. The second class was a kickboxing based cardio and weights workout which was much tougher and I finished it feeling like I’d had a really good workout. Good morning 😀

logoimages (2)  images (2)kickboxing-to-lose-weight-300x274

– WORKOUT: Lady of America Gym, Hollywood FL

  • X-TRAINER (30 mins)


After a great workout and a bit of shopping, I stopped for lunch at Starbucks where I had a grilled chicken sandwich and a black, unsweetened coffee.

2013-07-23 12.02.26

Hot grilled chicken sandwich (430 cals)


After getting caught in a torrential DOWNPOUR on the way home I had a lovely relaxing afternoon and I snacked on caramelized nuts and some fruit. Later on I had a cereal bar and a glass of milk.

2013-07-23 13.01.21banana-grapes

njnj images

– Glazed almonds with cranberries and honey (220 cals)

– Banana and grapes (200 cals)

– Lactose free milk (90 cals)

– Special K Pastry crisps (100 cals)


Dinner was more of Kimmy’s yummy chicken tikka with rice and veggies. I also had a bowl of grapes and berries.


– Chicken Tikka with basmati rice, broccoli and cauliflower

– Grapes and blueberries



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