Life’s a beach…

Monday July 22nd

Yummy greek yogurt with yogurt and berries for breakfast! I later snacked on a cereal bar and some fruit

Greek_yogurt_raspberries_blackberries_tea_towelfiber-one-calorie-chewy-181949images (2)

– Greek yogurt with honey and mixed berries (250 cals)

– Fiber One cereal bar in chocolate, caramel and pretzel (90 cals)

– Banana and peach (150 cals)


Lunch was yummy home made chicken tikka masala with veggies and then a couple of spoons of peanut butter for dessert.

DSCF4071 DSCF4072

– Homemade chicken tikka masala with basmati rice, olives and broccoli (500 cals)

– 2 tbsps Peanut butter (200 cals)


I spent the afternoon at Hollywood Beach which was STUNNING. I walked home so I got some exercise in that way 🙂



WORKOUT: 4.7mile Walk (1.5 hours)


In the afternoon I snacked on crisps and cereal bars

DSCF4089 images

– Lays Barbecue Crisps (160 cals)

– Special K Pastry Crisps in chocolatey delight (100 cals)


Dinner was a combo of fruit and yogurt, chips and hummus and another cereal bar

DSCF4090  81328images

– Lime yogurt with peaches and blueberries (220 cals)

– Falafel chips and 2tbsps of hummus (220 cals)

– Special K Pastry Crisps in chocolatey delight (100 cals)


In the evening I had a peach and lactose-free milk

njnj images (2)


Lactose-free milk and peach (150 cals)




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