Finally free…

Sunday July 21st

So yesterday was all a bit crazy… I made a somewhat dramatic escape from the condo where I was staying with my family, and was rescued by my friend who lives not far away. Long story. Anyway I’m free and after cocktails at the Hard Rock and a good night’s sleep in a comfortable bed, i finally feel almost human again. 🙂

I woke up this morning and had some lovely Greek yogurt and a glass of smoothie. Such a relief to have nice, healthy food after 10 days of crap! Snacked on a couple of handfuls of roasted soya beans mid-morning.


Muller Greek Corner with caramelized nuts (220 cals)

– Naked smoothie; orange and carrot (120 cals)

– Large handful of soybeans (200 cals)


We went out to Aroma Cafe for lunch where I had a delicious halumi salad with lemon and oil dressing and a slice of brown bread.

2013-07-21 13.29.01images (2)

Haloumi salad with tomato, onion, rocket and lemon and olive oil dressing & 1 slice brown bread (600 cals)


During the afternoon I snacked on fruit and a small handful of falafel tortillas with hummus

peaches fall-green-grapes_30081328

– 2 peaches and a handful of green grapes (150 cals)

– 5 falafel chips and hummus (150 cals)


In the evening I ate a cereal bar, fruit and yogurt, and some white wine

fiber-one-calorie-chewy-181949images (2) images (2) images (3)images (3)

– Chocolate, caramel and pretzel cereal bar (90 cals)

– Peach (50 cals)

– Publix fat free yogurt pot (100 cals)

2 glasses white wine (300 cals)


Such a relief to be free of the hostile environment in which I found myself. Happy girly right now 😀



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