Life is not all about waiting for the storm to pass… it’s about learning to dance in the rain <3

Wednesday July 17th

9st 5lbs

This morning I woke up early to the sounds of a spectacular storm over Miami. I sat in bed and munched on my breakfast of milk and salted nuts whilst listening to the rain and the waves. Total bliss 🙂

glassofmilk2images (3)

– Milk (130 cals)

– Salted almonds (90 cals)


At about 5.45, following breakfast, I headed down for another Jillian Michael’s weight circuit. It’s great having some heavier weights to work with (although my god it makes a huge difference!) Half an hour circuit and my arms feel ready to burst.




Post workout I had another nap (it was only 7am!) and then I had a small bowl of frosties when I woke up (or was woken up by littlies 😛 ) at 9.30. I also had another serving of nuts about midday because who knows when lunchtime may or may not be around here…!

phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpgimages (3)

– Small bowl of frosties and milk (200 cals)

– Salted almonds (170 cals)


Lunch in the end was a slice of toast with philly and a plate of chipotle chicken slices. This was followed by 1/2 and mantecol bar. (If you’ve never tried these they are IMMENSE… semi-solidified peanut butter and cocoa paste. Genius.)

toast phillysaralee_thumba (6)_LG 

– Toast and philadelphia (120 cals)

– Chipotle chicken slices (150 cals)

– 1/2 mantecol bar (300 cals)


In the afternoon I snacked on more salted nuts (repetitive? You’re telling me..! But there is literally NOTHING else non-sugar based in the house!), a couple of oreos and some wafers. Mindless yes. I’m bored out of my mind. Get over it 😉

images (3)                  220px-Double-Stuf-OreosSugar-Wafers

Salted almonds (170 cals)

– 2 oreos (140 cals)

– Wafers (200 cals)


We went to the cinema in the evening to see ‘Turbo’ (bloody amazing if you get the chance… I think I genuinely enjoyed it more than the kids!) and I got a grilled chicken and hummus bistro box and a carton of vanilla milk from Starbucks. Best meal I’ve had in over a week. Mmmmmmm healthy food 😀 😀 :D. I also had a yogurt when I got home.

8d64ec2ecc6b4afdbb6aec25d132a1cevanilla-milk-horizon-organicimages (2)

– Starbucks bistro box; 2 slices grilled chicken, cucumber and tomato salad, wheat pitta bread & hummus (260 cals)

150 ml carton Organic, lowfat vanilla milk (150 cals)

– Activia fiber yogurt in strawberry and cereal (110 cals)




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