Don’t want your hand this time I’ll save myself…

Sunday July 14th

Feeling very bloated and pretty crappy. Finding it difficult to eat well as I am living with a family who appear to exist entirely on junk food. Need to try and cut some corners somewhere and I also discovered that there is a gym in the complex so I’m going to start using it tomorrow morning so hopefully that will help…

Anyway, tummy is still feeling sore so I had another probiotic to start the day, along with a nectarine, some mango and 1/2 a litre of water.

2013-07-13 10.41.30images (2)organic_mango292982_large

– Activia mango probiotic (170 cals)

–  1 nectarine (40 cals)

– Mango chunks (150 cals)

–  500ml water


Lunch was a small ham and cheese sandwich with mustard and a couple of oreo cookies

images 220px-Double-Stuf-Oreos

Ham, cheese, tomato and mustard sandwich (400 cals)

– 2 Oreo double stuffed cookies (140 cals)


In the afternoon I snacked on ham and cheese and some olives. I also had an apple


– Green, pepper-stuffed olives (5o cals)

– Ham, cheese and tomato with mustard (200 cals)

– Apple (80 cals)


I’m not used to eating dinner so late and am struggling with the long afternoons so about 5pm I snacked on a cereal bar and nectarines.

2013-06-03 12.04.41 peaches

– Cereal bar (100 cals)

– 2 Nectarines (80 cals)


Dinner was a plate of cheese, ham and tomato followed by fruit and yogurt

DSCF4014 DSCF4015

– Ham, cheese, tomato and olives with mustard (250 cals)

– Yogurt and 2 nectarines (190 cals)


I’m really struggling these last few days… I think it’s a combination of being away from home, feeling uncomfortable in my surroundings, boredom, and of course the simple fact of being constantly surrounded by junk food. I’m also PMS’ing which never helps anybody. I need to get my head straight before it spirals out of control though. I was in a wonderful place mentally before coming here so I’m determined to dig myself out of this hole before it gets any deeper. I know I’m capable, and I know I am strong enough 🙂



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