I’m in Miami B!@*ch… <3

Saturday July 13th

9st 5lbs

Difficult to keep updated as I am on a nannying trip in Miami for a month, but I will do my best :). Here goes…

Breakfast was cereal bars. Running around after 3 kids means a lot of eating on the go…! I also had a probiotic as my tummy was a bit bloated from PMS. Later on at the cinema I snacked on a smoothie ice lolly.

2013-07-13 09.34.502013-07-13 10.41.30images (3)

– Special K cereal bars (210 cals)

– Activia Probiotic (170 cals)

– Smoothie ice lolly (110 cals)


Lunch was a bit of a disaster. We ate at a burger shack in Fort Lauderdaule… the kind of place where the salads are even more calorific than the burgers, so I went with the only thing I could think of that might not be too bad. Soup. Big mistake. I ordered chili soup, thinking something nice and spicy and what did I get? A great big bowl of chili… meat, beans and all, topped with a huge dollop of soured cream. Oops. Tasty though. I ate it with a small handful of chips and dip.

9886789-a-picture-of-traditional-mexican-chilli-beans-soup-served-in-a-white-bowl-over-wooden-backgroundimages (2)

Bowl of chili with soured cream

– Handful chips with honey and mustard dip


After such a heavy lunch I just had some fruit and snack bars for dinner

peaches images (2)3ce0b81456dbcc6e88f731da3de44b6c3ce0b81456dbcc6e88f731da3de44b6c

– 3 nectarines (140 cals)

– Special K bars (220 cals)


Got a bit peckish later on and had a pack of dippin stix with peanut butter and a plate of broccoli with mustard


– Dippin’ Stix Apple and Peanut butter (130 cals)

– Broccoli


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