Togliamoci i vestiti ma teniamoci le maschere… <3

Wednesday July 3rd

9st 4lbs

So I’ve had a friend staying with me for the last 5 days which has meant it has been difficult to keep a track of my intake. All in all I was pleased to step on the scale and see this today… I feared greater damage 😉

However last night was a bit of a late one and I had a few people over so breakfast was black coffee and biscuits with them (whilst gently persuading them to leave me in peace 😛 )

images images (1)

– Black coffee (unsweetened)

– 3 Hobnobs (215 cals)


Lunch was a veggie stirfry with tomato and cheese followed by yogurt and fruit

2013-07-03 12.40.45 2013-07-03 12.52.12

– Stirfried veg and pineapple with tomato puree, lowfat soft cheese and black olives. (400 cals)

Yogurt and cherries (250 cals)


In the afternoon I was naughty and snacked on more hobnobs as well as a fruit smoothie. Later on I also had more yogurt and cherries as I was eating late and SO hungry.

images 2013-07-03 13.22.502013-07-03 16.50.10

Hobnobs (215 cals)

– Smoothie (130 cals)

– Cherries and yogurt (250 cals)


After snacks I did a workout from Jillian Michael’s Body Revolutions. Short, sharp and INTENSE as always. So much love for Jillian. It was workout 10 where she begins to incorporate weights into jump training. Not for the faint-hearted 😉





I was out with a friend for dinner and I had a lovely caprese salad. We also had plenty of red wine, vodka and amaros whilst we listened to an open-air concert on the beach. Beautiful evening 🙂 x

2013-07-03 20.38.17


– Caprese salad with 1tbsp olive oil and 1 bread roll

–  1/2 bottle red wine

2 vodka tonics

– 2 fernet amaros


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