You are terrifying and strange and beautiful… <3

Thursday June 20th

9st 1.5lbs

(total loss: 8.5lbs)

So this morning TF had to leave at 10.30am for work so I had time to get breakfast in. Since I NEVER get to sit down and enjoy a proper breakfast, I spoiled myself with a big, lovely one. Banana and milk smoothie, watermelon and juice. What a start to the day :D. Felt so lovely to be able to just relax and not be rushing off to catch buses at the break of dawn!!

2013-06-20 12.08.10

– Smoothie; 250ml skimmed milk, 1 kiwi and 1 banana (235 cal)

– Large Wedge of watermelon (150 cal)

– Small carton of fruit juice (90 cal)


I whipped up a batch of broccoli and apple soup for lunch which I ate with 1 small slice of toast. I followed it with some fruit and juice. Plenty of enery needed for today’s workout..!

2013-06-20 13.07.37

2013-06-20 13.15.25 2013-06-20 13.38.06

Soup of broccoli, red onion, basil and apple served with plain lowcal yogurt and sage & 1 slice toast (365 cal)

– 2 nectarines (80 cal)

– Small carton fruit juice (90 cal)


After lunch I decided it was workout time. And it was time to bite the bullet. Yes… it was Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution cardio time. Ok ok I admit I wasn’t brave enough to throw myself in at level 3 (whilst I was flying through it 3 months ago, I think attempting it now would be a very bad idea!). I thought I’d ease in with level 2 which actually, I got through pretty well. It was tough, but not so much so that I felt incapable of completing it. I just love Jillian’s workouts… her intervals are short and the transitions quick so everything seems manageable. In her own words… ‘you can do anything for 30seconds.’




Post workout I was feeling super peckish so I ate some cottage cheese with olives before getting ready to go out to the hairdresser. Whilst I was there I picked at a couple of little jelly sweets. SO cruel… they put them in a huge great bowl right in front of me whilst I’m sitting for hours with NOTHING to do… 😉

2013-06-20 13.29.46 images

– 150g cottage cheese with black olives (200 cal)

– 2 jelly sweets (60 cal)


I didn’t really feel like cooking tonight as I feel super-lazy after the ridiculous week I’ve had. I ate a pack of boiled ham and a lot of fruit and I WAS going to have another banana and milk smoothie but promptly after making it, I managed to throw it all over the kitchen floor. I’m not going to lie… I was DEVASTATED. I manage to salvage a little bit that was left in the blender and it was lovely (which almost made it even more torturous 😉 ). What made it even worse was that whilst I had my back turned as I was trying to clean up the mess I’d made, the cats made off with one of my slices of ham. I just can’t catch a break today 😉

2013-06-20 19.54.502013-06-20 19.55.11

– Boiled ham (160 cal)

– Watermelon and nectarines (300 cal)

– Remains of Banana and milk smoothie (120 cal)




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