You are all my reasons… <3

Tuesday June 18th

9st 2.5lbs

(Total loss: 7lbs)

Well the bloat is coming off which is a relief but I still feel quite icky. I blame the heat and PMS and general exhaustion. Thank god it’s only a week til the summer holidays! Another late, late night meant that I went off to work this morning with about an hour or two’s sleep. Luckily I had already prepared a breakfast smoothie the night before. I also drank an obscene amount of coffee throughout the morning as well as snacking on a pack of crackers for pure energy. The state of my blurry photography is pretty appropriate for this morning’s sentiments.

2013-06-17 18.24.29

2013-06-18 07.41.21 2013-06-18 08.14.17 2013-06-18 08.21.10 2013-06-18 09.01.06

– Smoothie; 2 carrots, 1 green apple and spinach

– Espresso (full fat milk, 1 sugar)

– Espresso (full fat milk, 1 sweetener)

– Cappuccino (full fat milk, 2 sweeteners)

 Skinny cappuccino (skimmed milk, unsweetened)

– Tuc crackers (150 cal)


I was already feeling dizzy and tired by breaktime so I snacked on some of the free apricots that were brought round for the children.

2013-06-18 10.21.05

3 x apricots


Lunch finally rolled around at midday and I snuck up into a n empty classroom where I sat and ate my lunch (salad with cottage cheese and a pack of fragrantini) and had a 20 minute powernap on the floor ;).

2013-06-17 19.11.452013-06-18 12.27.07

– Grilled pepper filled with cottage cheese, black olives, lime, chilli, and basil and served on a bed of salad and balsamic

– Fragrantini


Had a nice early dinner so that I can get to bed early. Chicken and veg stirfry with passata and mango and a banana and milk smoothie. A bit later on I had a plate of watermelon and nectarine. So healthy but so yummy!! It’s now only 5.15pm but I’m off to get into bed so that I can sleep for a few hours before TF gets in for work at some stupid early hour of the morning. ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………

2013-06-18 16.17.54

2013-06-18 16.18.362013-06-18 18.57.57

– Stirfried chicken breast and vegetables with black olives, 1/2 mango, passata, lime juice and basil.

– Smoothie; 250ml skimmed milk and 1 banana

– Watermelon wedge and nectarine


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