Up all night to get lucky… <3

Saturday June 15th

9st 2lbs

(Total loss 7.5lbs)

We didn’t get in until 5.30 this morning so we slept late. After TF left for work I whipped up some gooorgeous scrambled eggs with veg and feta cheese which I followed with fruit and yogurt. Was feeling spectacularly unmotivated all afternoon… plenty of pinterest action but little else 😉


– 2 eggs scrambled with tomato, pepper, spinach, black olives and feta cheese

– 1/2 grapefruit and nectarine with plain lowcal yogurt and 2tsps lowcal jam


Later in the afternoon I snacked on some watermelon. I swear… watermelon is one of my favourite things about the summer… I could literally eat it all day long. (I did actually manage to polish off almost an entire watermelon in one day once… wanted to burst. SO worth it 😛 ). I also had a tasty fruit salad with yogurt before going out. Do I eat too much fruit… ?? 😛

Image2013-06-15 15.36.10

– Watermelon

– 1/2 pink grapefruit, kiwi and nectarine with plain lowcal yogurt and 2tsps lowcal jam


In the evening I stopped off in my local bar for a nice lakeview dinner. It was a beautiful warm night so I sat outside and watched the sunset :). I had a campari and grissini whilst I ordered a gorgeous plate of bresaola with mushrooms and caprino. I was also naughty and had a small bread roll with it. In the evening I stopped at the local youth hostel to meet some friends and ended up meeting a group of Americans who I persuaded to join us at the local nightbar. There we met TF and we all drank vodka cocktails and grappa shots and danced until the sun came up. Such a lovely evening :). We were starving by 6am though so we ordered ham and cheese wraps to take home with us. Oops 😉

2013-06-15 20.24.152013-06-15 20.27.05

images (3)piadine

– Small pack rosemary grissini and 1 x campari soda

Bresaola, caprino and mushrooms with 1 small bread roll

– Vodka cocktails and grappa shots

– Ham and cheese wrap with salad and cocktail sauce


Definitely not a good day for the diet but I had a wonderful time so nevermind. My whole philosophy to this is to take me time so as not to sacrifice living my life. Went to bed happy and that is what matters 😀


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