Sleeping satellite… <3

Monday June 17th

9st 5lbs

(Total loss: 4.5lbs)

The weekend combined with PMS has definitely taken it’s toll… woke up this morning feeling horrendously bloated and uncomfortable. Particularly as TF came in late and so I got next to no sleep. I realised right away that today was going to be a loooong day! I munched on some fruit on the bus to try and get off to a good start but by the time I arrived at school I was feeling comatose so I drank about 4 coffees in quick succession. To add insult to injury, the final one had smiley-face shaped cocoa on top. Facepalm. Caffeine and fruit-based sugar was clearly the only way to make it through the morning!!

2013-06-17 05.57.12 2013-06-17 08.13.03 2013-06-17 08.19.20 2013-06-17 08.26.52

– Cantaloup and 2 kiwis

Double espresso (black, 2 sugars) and small chocolate ball

– Espresso (full fat milk, 1 sweetener)

– Cappuccino (full fat milk, 2 sweeteners)


At breaktime I ate a couple of apples because I’ve heard that they are also good for keeping awake… didn’t seem to work though!!

2013-05-24 10.52.35 2013-05-24 10.35.52

– 2 green apples


Lunch was onroute home so I had a banana, 2 nectarines and a solero

images (1) 2013-03-21 09.53.26450---Solero-Ex-Ex-Image-Wrapped-HRes_tcm28-297489

– Banana and 2 nectarines

–  Solero exotic (95 cals)


At home I collapsed into bed for a few hours before getting up to have some dinner. I really had intended to get a workout in today too but there was just  no way that was happening. Instead I made a nice healthy chicken and veg stirfry and a fruit salad with yogurt.

2013-06-17 18.32.59 2013-06-17 18.54.34

– Chicken breast, grilled veg and carrots stirfried with tomato passata, black olives, basil and fajita spices

– Apple and 2 nectarines with plain lowcal yogurt and a drizzle of lime juice


I had another nectarine with yogurt before going to bed. Crazy day. So tired. goodnight world.

2013-06-17 22.26.35


– Nectarine with plain lowcal yogurt



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