Blurred lines…

Friday June 14th

9st 1.5lbs

(Total loss: 8lbs)

This morning I had another ricotta muffin with fruit as a late breakfast. I wasn’t really feeling hungry but I thought that the hydration from the fruit might help the banging headache. (Why does tequila always seem like such a great idea at 3am…?!)


– Ricotta muffin (ricotta baked with egg) with watermelon, peach, 1 tbsp plain yogurt and 2tsps lowcal jam.


Was feeling better by lunchtime so I had another feta salad with olives. The after effects of alcohol always make me crave healthy food because it makes me feel rehydrated. A bit later on I was feeling peckish so I had a fruit smoothie. This blender was the smartest £10 I ever spent ;). The smoothie was gooooorgeous. Usually I’m not a huge fan of smoothies made with melon as they can be too sweet but I found that the trick is to use melon that is not overly ripe.

2013-06-14 11.39.252013-06-14 12.45.52

– Salad, spinach, 1/2 mango, black olives and feta cheese with 1tsp oil and balsamic vinegar.

– Smoothie; cantaloup, peach, kiwi and spinach with 1tsp lowcal jam


I had another bowl of fruit and yogurt before work… it’s going to be a long evening 😉

2013-06-14 14.56.43

– Kiwi and peach with plain lowcal yogurt and 1tsp lowcal jam


Post snack I decided that despite the late night and heavy vodka consumption, I ought to keep up the good work and get a workout in. A lot of people have been telling me to try TurboJam so I thought I’d finally give it a go, starting with their ‘Fat Blaster’ workout. I’m going to be honest, I was expecting to hate it. I just hate your typical dance/aerobic workouts because I find them so boring. If I’m gonna dance, I want to really dance, not be doing grapevines and knee lifts (hence why I LOVE zumba… now THAT is a real dance workout!). So I wasn’t very optimistic BUT I was pleasantly surprised. It’s fast paced (I was sweating like crazy although that may have been partly down to the heat outside!) and actually really fun. And unlike many aerobic style workouts it doesn’t go at a dull steady pace but instead works in intervals. There are 4 ‘Turbo’ routines and each one is performed twice. Once at a low intensity to get familiar with the movements and then once at high intensity. They are quick, punchy routines and I found myself getting really into it. It helps that Chalean is fun and easy to warm to, not to mention gorgeous… talk about inspiration and motivation!

images (2)



In the evening I was working and we were SUPER-busy so there was no time to eat dinner. We were running around like nutters and it was SO hot (especially beneath a set of rather excessive hair extensions… it’s summer, what was I thinking?!). I ate a lot of crisps and nuts to keep my energy up. Afterwards I met up with TF and some friends for a few vodka cocktails to unwind. Deserved 😉

2013-06-14 18.34.21images (3)


Crisps and nuts

– Vodka and juice cocktails



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