You know that I’m no good…

Thursday 13th June

9st 2lbs

(Total loss: 7.5lbs)

So this morning, after 3 days of crazy early mornings, we slept right through to midday. SUCH a treat :P. TF left for work and I had a mozzarella and melon salad for ‘brunch’ that was really just ‘lunch’ ;).

2013-06-13 12.27.02

– Salad, mozzarella, tomato and cantaloup with black olives, 1tsp oil and balsamic vinegar


Afterwards I did something I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time. I got back into my workout routine. Finally after 3 months of breakup shit, repeated illness and the old cliche… ‘finding myself’, I feel like I’m in a really good place. I feel happier, stronger and more at peace than I have in years and so I felt like it was time to get my head back in the game. I started out simple with a Jillian Michael’s body revolution workout as I tend to really enjoy those. It was number 7 (of 12) so not ‘beginner level’ but also not over-extreme after a 3 month hiatus. I love Jillian’s workouts as they are so varied and they really keep you moving and motivated. These body revolution workouts are divided into 4 short circuits which really breaks things up and makes them feel very manageable. And because the 4-circuit workout (which consists of 2 rounds of 4 x 30 second strength exercise followed by a 1 minute cardio interval) never changes, you know exactly what to expect and aren’t left wondering when on earth it’s going to end. The progressive nature of the workouts is also great for beginners wishing to go on a fitness journey to get into shape. I’m not going to lie… I struggled at times, with exercises that 3 months ago I would have flown through without a hitch… I’m hoping if I can be consistent then the old ‘muscle memory’ will kick in and get me back up to scratch 🙂

Body Revolution Logo



Workout done, I had ‘lunch’ which is basically what I had planned for breakfast. Ricotta muffin with yogurt, fruit and jam. Yummy 😀 Later on in the afternoon I snacked on some more fruit and yogurt.

2013-06-13 14.00.552013-06-13 15.04.13

– Ricotta muffin (ricotta baked with egg) with 1tsp lowcal jam, 1 tbsp plain lowcal yogurt, 3 slices cantaloup and 1 peach

Peach and kiwi with plain lowcal yogurt and 2tsps lowcal jam


In the evening I had a quick fruit and feta salad and green smoothie with cottage cheese before going out. Whilst out I had a LOT of shots and cocktails and a ham and cheese wrap at the end of the evening.

2013-06-13 18.23.45 downloadpiadine

– Salad, peach, 1/2 mango, feta and black olives with 1tsp oil and balsamic.

– Smoothie; spinach, apple, kiwi and 100g cottage cheese

– Various cocktails and shots

Piadina with ham, cheese, salad and cocktail sauce


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