Go to bed young dreamer… <3

Wednesday June 12th

9st 2.5lbs

(Total loss 7lbs)

So I haven’t updated in a while because I’ve been having phone issues but all has been well :). This morning I had NO food whatsoever in the house so I had a carton of juice before leaving the house. I had a capp and cereal bar at the station and another coffee before school in an attempt to keep myself awake. At breaktime I had some fruit as I was feeling quite weak and shaky. Really need to start getting more sleep!!

2013-06-12 05.54.04  2013-06-12 08.04.16 2013-06-12 08.42.212013-06-11 12.34.49

– 200ml ACE juice (90 cal)

– Cappuccino and cereal bar (175 cal)

Espresso macchiato (50 cal)

– 2 nectarines (80 cal)


Lunch was some salad with mozzarella, a banana and a couple of biscuits. I was starving by the time I ate it even though it wasn’t even quite midday. Not sure if it’s the long, early mornings or just general lack of sleep…

2013-06-12 11.51.35 2013-06-12 11.56.53

– Salad and buffulo mozzarella (300 cal)

– Banana (100 cal)

– 2 x biscuits (70 cal)


I snacked on an apple in the afternoon but then it was a long and boring journey home and I managed to munch my way through another couple of biscuits and nectarines out of sheer boredom. Oops.

2013-06-12 14.40.092013-06-12 10.32.582013-06-12 11.56.53

– Apple (100 cal)

– 2 nectarines (80 cal)

2 biscuits (70 cal)


I was totally shattered by the time I got home and couldn’t wait to get into bed so I threw together a dinner of stirfried veg and prawns with cottage cheese and a supercleansing green smoothie.

2013-06-12 18.08.532013-06-12 18.00.19

– Grilled veg, spinach leaves, 1/2 apple and prawns stirfried in chilli and garlic sauce and served on a bed of salad and 100g cottage cheese (500 cal)

–  Smoothie; spinach, 1/2 apple, kiwi and peach (170 cal)


Whilst I was in bed waiting for TF to come home, I suddenly started really craving food, it got really bad so I had some ricotta and fruit to help make it pass. I have found it is better to eat something healthy than deny a craving altogether as that often leads to eating crap later on.


2013-06-12 21.39.32


– Ricotta cheese with 1 tsp jam and 1 nectarine (250 cal)




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