It’s time to drink champagne and dance on the table…

Friday 31st May

9st 2.75lbs

(Total loss: 6.75lbs)

Woke up late this morning and didn’t have anywhere I needed to be so I just had a couple of peaches.

images (1)

2 x peaches (80 cal)


Was pretty hungry come lunchtime so I had a big plate of bresaola with a peach, and a pumpkin and carrot soup with grilled vegetables.

2013-05-31 12.00.41

Bresaola with sliced peach (200 cal)

– Pumpkin and carrot soup with grilled potato, zucchini, pepper and aubergine (250 cal)


In the afternoon had some mango and brown sugar as I was feeling peckish. Literally have NO food in the house. Time to go shopping…!

2013-05-31 16.13.27

–  1/2 mango with 2tsps brown sugar (165 cal)
By about 6pm I was feeling starving so I cooked a couple of tomato and mozzarella pockets and finished off the mango. I didn’t want to eat anything heavy  as I’m out again tonight.
2013-05-31 17.41.20 2013-05-31 16.13.27
– 2 x mozzarella and tomato pockets drizzled with balsamic vinegar (270 cal)
– 1/2 mango (65 cal)
In the evening I was out with some friends so I had a few cocktails and snacked on a few plain crisps
AmericanoCocktailWhite_Wine_Glasimages (1)  pic815images (2)
– 2 x americano cocktail
– 1 x glass white wine
– 1/2 large pack plain crisps
– 1 x mojito
1 x vodka and apple juice
Fun night all in all. Finally met up with TF at about 2am and went home to sleeeeeeeeeep 🙂

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