Somewhere over the rainbow, bluebirds fly…

Thursday 30th May

9st 2lbs

(Total loss: 7.5lbs)

This morning I was in the local school so I had a short lie-in (until 7.15… when did this happen to me?!) and then had some fruit and juice before heading out. I also had a cappuccino and an ice lolly during my break since the sun made an appearance for once!

2013-05-30 07.19.482013-05-30 07.24.522013-05-30 09.17.182013-05-30 09.44.34

– 200ml ACE juice with 1 x apple and 1 x banana (290cal)

– Cappuccino (full fat milk, 2 x sweetener) (85 cal)

– Ice Lolly (65 cal)


Lunch was a bresaola and brie carpaccio as provided by TF last night (loving this 😛 ) along with some fruit and yogurt.

2013-05-30 12.19.26 2013-05-30 12.31.31

– Carpaccio of rocket, grana, bresaola, peach, brie and balsamic drizzle (400 cal)

Plain low cal yogurt with peach and banana and brown sugar (300)


Feeling peckish (or probably mostly just bored…!) around the afternoon I had another (smaller) portion of fruit and yogurt and a small carton of juice.

2013-05-30 15.24.02

– Plain low cal yogurt with chopped peach brown sugar (150 cal)

– 200ml ACE juice (90 cal)


I had veggies and cheese for dinner with salsa and some more juice. I wanted something light as I will be out for cocktails this evening 🙂

2013-05-30 17.38.41 2013-05-30 17.53.59

– Salad, grilled veg, 125g brie, sliced peach, balsamic vinegar and salsa (475 cal)

– 200ml ACE juice (90 cal)


In the evening I was out so I had some cocktails and at the end of the night I ate a twix and shared a bresaola wrap with my friend.

2013-05-30 22.09.592013-05-30 22.09.592013-05-30 22.09.59 2013-05-30 22.43.4333933504images (1)

– 3 x vodka and juice cocktails

– 1 x montenegro

– Half of a bresaola, rocket and grana wrap

– Twix


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