I’m alive and oh I’m loving every minute…

Wednesday 29th May

9st 2.5lbs

(Total loss: 7lbs)

I was really organised last night and pre-smoothied some fruit and nuts for this morning. Check me out. I drank that at 6am and then had my capp at the bus station at 8am. At break time we had cake as one of the children in the children in the class turned 7 today. I was good and only had a small slice… and it was worth every bite 😉

3peaches,quarteravocado and 10almonds2013-05-29 08.26.372013-05-29 10.36.00

Smoothie; 2 nectarines, 1 plum, 1/4 avocado and 10 almonds (265 cal)

– Cappuccino (full fat milk, 2 x sweeteners) (85 cal)

– Chocolate cake (500 cal)


Lunch was stirfry veg with cottage cheese, almonds and salsa followed by fruit and a skinny capp.

veg,balsamic,plum,c.cheese,salsapeach,plum2013-05-28 13.24.45

– Rocket with potato, zucchini and mushroom, 1 plum, 100g cottage cheese, salsa and balsamic (320 cal)

– 1 nectarine and 1 plum (80 cal)

Cappuccino (skimmed milk, unsweetened) (30 cal)


In the afternoon yet another child  came around with birthday treats so I had a small hazelnut chocolate ball. I was SO tempted to have another but I managed to contain myself ;). I did also have an apple on the way home though.

2013-05-29 14.02.362013-05-24 10.35.52

– Hazelnut chocolate pasticcini (250 cal)

– Green apple (100 cal)


For dinner I had veggie salad with avocado, peach and cottage cheese and topped with salsa. I followed it with a nectarine and a carton of juice. I later had another apple because I was feeling very peckish before bed.

2013-05-29 18.11.38 2013-05-29 18.29.362013-05-22 11.49.54

– Salad and grilled vegetables with 100g cottage cheese, sliced peach, 1/4 avocado and topped with balasamic vinegar and salsa (380 cal)

– Nectarine and ACE juice (130 cal)

– Green apple (100)




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