It’s me against the music…

Monday May 27th

9st 3.5lbs 

(Total loss: 6lbs)

Bit of a bingy day yesterday… was feeling hungover and rough and was craving chocolate and carbs. Nothing too outlandish but definitely deserving of the slight gain. Oh well. We move on. This morning I had NO food in the house whatsoever so I had to make do without anything before leaving the house. By the time I got to the bus station at 8am I was STARVING and very cold so I had a lovely warm cappuccino and 2 small chocolates. I then missed my connecting bus and had to wait 15mins for another one so I ended up having another capp just so that I had an excuse to wait indoors!

2013-05-27 07.51.21-1 2013-05-27 08.07.33

– 2 x cappuccino (full fat milk, 2 x sweetener) (200 cal)

– 2 x bacio chocolates (170 cal)


At breaktime I was starving so I wolfed down a small banana and a couple of chocolate chip cookies.

2013-05-27 11.12.582013-05-27 11.12.58

– Small banana (100 cal)

– 2 x chocolate chip cookies (100 cal)


At lunchtime I sat and ate in the classroom as I didn’t want to spend too much money so I had a bag of Taralli pretzels and a cereal bar followed by 2 nectarines. I later had a coffee with milk and a tiny chocolate before getting on the bus.

2013-05-27 11.59.34 2013-05-27 12.10.052013-05-27 14.24.42

50g Taralli pretzels (250 cal)

– Rasberry cereal bar (100 cal)

– 2 nectarines (80 cal)

– Espresso with milk (1 sugar) and small chocolate (60 cal)


I was feeling very tired and drained by the time I got home so I had a large packet of almonds and a nectarine to get me up the hill to my house

– Almonds (250 cal)

– Nectarine (40 cal)


Dinner was a goooooorgeous seafood salad with mango, potato and mushrooms and a garlic and chilli sauce. This was followed by a sinfully indulgent but oh so yummy bowl of cottage cheese with fruit puree and chopped mango.

2013-05-27 17.00.522013-05-27 17.17.50

– Salad with prawns and crab, potato, mushrooms, 1/2 mango and chilli and garlic sauce (450 cal)

Mango with cottage cheese and peach puree (330 cal)




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