I’m wearing the smile you gave me…

Friday May 24th

9st 2.75lbs

(Total weight loss: 6.75lbs)

Very little sleep last night between one thing and another so I was feeling very energy deprived when heading off to school at 6am this morning. I had a few slices of mango and an unsweetened black coffee to try and perk me up before leaving and then a cappuccino at the bus station. Upon arrival at school I had a skinny capp in a last desperate attempt to wake myself up.

2013-05-24 06.14.452013-05-24 08.28.04 2013-05-24 09.01.02

– 1/2 sliced mango and unsweetened black coffee

– Cappuccino (full fat milk, 2 x sugar)

– Cappuccino (skimmed milk, 2 x sugar)


By breaktime I was starving so I had 2 small green apples.

2013-05-24 10.35.52  2013-05-24 10.52.35

– 2 x small green apples


Lunch was on the bus so I grabbed a bag of grissini rolls and a cereal bar from the vending machine before I left, as well as a teeny chocolate macaroon from the staffroom.

2013-05-24 11.58.33 2013-05-24 12.26.002013-05-24 11.44.52

– Bag of grissini rolls 

– Cereal bar (96kcal)

– Cappuccino (full fat milk, 2 x sweetener)

– Tiny chocolate macaroon


Finally got home at 2.30 and of course TF was still in bed… never been so jealous in my life :p. I would have gone back to bed myself but I was feeling surprisingly awake (caffeine and sugar overload?!) so I decided to put off sleeping until later in the afternoon. Around 5.30 after he had left for work, I ate a mango and mozzarella salad and a couple of spoonfuls of leftover tiramisu. Later on I was feeling peckish and I had some yogurt with banana and cocoa powder.

2013-05-24 17.00.352013-05-24 21.22.14

– Rocket salad with 1/2 mango, buffalo mozzarella, olive oil and balsamic vinegar

– Small portion tiramisu

– Plain low cal yogurt with chopped banana and options skinny cocoa powder (200kcal)


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