I don’t know how you do that voodoo that you do <3

Thursday May 23rd

9st 1.5lbs

(Total loss: 8lbs)

This morning I had to leave the boy sleeping whilst I went to teach for an hour at the ungodly hour of 8am. Still slightly drunkness aside I was feeling ok but veeery energy deprived so I ate a cereal bar and 2 bananas on the way to school. When I get back at 9.30 I downed 2 glasses of fruit juice and ate a pot of cottage cheese with sugar before getting promptly back into bed and sleeping until 1pm. That’s what you get for deciding that tequila shots are a good idea at 2am.


– Cereal bar (95kcal)

– 2 x bananas

– 150g cottage cheese with brown sugar 

– 2 x glasses fruit juice 


In the afternoon I snacked on  couple of nectarines before meeting a friend for a quick aperitivo where I drank a couple of camparis and ate a LOT of crisps. Oops.

images (1)images (2)images (3)

– 2 x nectarines

– 2 x campari soda

–  Lots of plain crisps


At about 11.30 pm the boy (who from here on in shall be referred to as ‘TF’) finally finished work and came over, bringing with him all sorts of yummy treats that he had cooked at work. We had a bresalo carpaccio as a starter followed by the most delicious sea bass and potato nuggety type things (my oh my) and then an amazing, but sinfully enormous portion of tiramisu each. I also had a beer to wash everything down. Happy girly 😉

images 113959442013-05-24 16.59.282013-05-24 17.00.45

– Carpaccio di bresaola and rocket

– 5 x large sea bass and potato nuggets

– Tiramisu

– 1 x Becks 


SO… yeh I bit of a heavy day all in all but ‘all in moderation’ means allowing myself to enjoy myself :). And I had a lovely day and evening so I can go to bed happy ❤


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