If our love is insanity, why are you my clarity…?

Wednesday May 22nd 

9st 2.5lbs

(Total loss: 7lbs)

Terrible night’s sleep, just couldn’t seem to switch off at all, and kept waking up. At 5am I gave in and got up. Had a quick breakfast of juice and a nectarine washed down with herbal tea. I had my capp with a tiny chocolate when I got to the station and a skinny capp at school (standard caffeine overload!) as well as a couple of medium apples at breaktime.

2013-05-22 05.22.182013-05-22 08.21.212013-05-22 08.58.142013-05-22 11.48.552013-05-22 11.49.54

– 250ml Fruit juice & Fennel tea (unsweetened)

– 1 x nectarine

– Cappuccino (full fat milk, 2x sugar) & small chocolate ball

– Cappuccino (skimmed milk, 2x sugar)

2 x green apples


I met up with a friend for lunch and had a huuuuuuuuuuge delicious salad with bresaola and feta, accompanied by a pack of grissini and a bread roll. I also had a couple of small spoonfuls of his tirimisu (only because he insisted 😉 ) and a coffee to finish.

2013-05-22 13.03.261254945-bread-roll-isolated-over-white-backgroundtiramisu62013-05-22 13.55.58

– Salad with bresaola, feta, strawberries, peach, zucchini and olive oil

– 1 x pack grissini & 1 x white bread roll

– 2 x small spoonfuls tirimisu

Espresso (black,  1/2 pack sugar)


Delicious as that salad at lunchtime was, I was feeling pretty peckish by 5pm so I had a nice summery fruit salad 🙂

2013-05-22 16.52.55

– Large slice watermelon, 1 x nectarine & 1/2 pink grapefruit


I went out with some friends for an aperitivo at a small bar on the beach this evening so I had some buffet food and drinks. I was proud of my restraint though as I made reasonable choices and stuck to just one small plateful. Later I met my new guy and we had a few more drinks, vodka and tequila mostly. Ok. A lot more drinks… :p

2013-05-22 20.28.14imagesimages (1)images (2)14161205-three-shots-of-tequila-with-lime-and-salt


Mixed buffet food

– 1 x campari Soda

– 2 x Americano cocktails

– 3-5 x Vodka tonics

– 2/3 x tequila shots



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