Everything is changing & I don’t feel the same…

Tuesday May 21st

9st 3lbs

(Total loss: 6.5lbs)

Ook so it’s been a long time since I update but then it’s been a VERY hectic couple of months…! I feel like I’ve been reborn, stronger and happier and I finally feel like my life is mine again. I’ve found a new guy (HOT!), a new job, and been employed to go nannying for a month in Miami. All very exciting SO… I decided it was time to get back on track with everything.

So here goes…

This morning I was up early so I had time for a proper breakfast of watermelon and nectarines with a glass of orange juice. I also had my daily capp with sweeteners at the bus station and a skinny capp on arrival at school.  Despite the fruit and caffeine overload I was starving by breaktime so I had an apple.

2013-05-21 05.47.452013-05-21 07.45.572013-05-21 09.06.16green_apple

– Large slice watermelon with 2 nectarines & 250ml Orange juice

– Cappuccino (full fat milk, 2x sweetener)

– Cappuccino (skimmed milk, 2x sugar)

– Green Apple


Lunch was cottage cheese and ham plus another nectarine, followed by another skinny capp. I wasn’t even really hungry but I was just CRAVING food today… I blame period hormones.

2013-05-21 12.30.502013-05-21 09.06.16

– 4 slices Ham (200kcal)

– 150g cottage cheese (150kcal)

– Nectarine

Cappuccino (skimmed milk, 2x sugar)


Despite not being in the least hungry, I scarfed a small banana on the bus home and then a couple of chocolate truffles whilst sat at the hairdressers (admittedly this was mostly down to sheer boredom and the fact that they had a MASSIVE bowl of them sitting right under my face…!). I then had an espresso with milk whilst waiting for my bus home.

2013-05-21 14.30.592013-05-21 16.38.382013-05-21 16.38.3828012010_052926100125 - Blog - Gossip Caffè - café Cortado

– small banana

– 2 x rum chocolate truffles

– Espresso with hot milk (full fat milk, 1 x sweetener)


Dinner was healthier. I had a prawn and crab salad with 1/2 grapefruit and mexican spicy sauce, followed by more watermelon and peaches. Later on I had another tub of cottage cheese sweetened with some low calorie cocoa powder. Again, wasn’t hungry, just massively CRAVING. Think we can safely say I ate too much today… must try harder tomorrow 🙂

2013-05-21 19.55.06IMG_4598

– Prawn and crab salad with rucola, 1/2 grapefruit and mexican sauce

– Large slice watermelon with 2 nectarines

– 150g cottage cheese with 1/2 sachet cocoa powder (170kcal)


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