Non sarai più tu a stringermi…

Tuesday 26th March: 9st 5.75lbs

Well I wasn’t expecting a 3lb drop this morning I’m not going to lie… seems odd. Particularly as my exercise plan has fallen hugely by the wayside in the last week and a half (MUST get back on track with that this week!). But I’m not going to complain. Will be interested to see what happens tomorrow morning though…

Anyway breakfast this morning was fruit, nuts and yogurt, followed by a chocolate bar mid morning whilst I walked home from work.

2013-03-26 07.05.272013-03-26 11.35.55

– Kiwi, orange, strawberries and almonds with plain low cal yogurt

Kinder chocolate bar (130 kcal)


Lunch was omelette with feta cheese and salad with salsa and crab sticks followed by a fruit and oatmeal smoothie. I went to the shop in the afternoon and munched on a little chocolate chick whilst I was carrying my heavy shopping back up the hill. (allowed 😉 )

2013-03-26 13.24.052013-03-26 13.34.572013-03-26 15.48.36

– 2 egg omelette with feta cheese & parsley and crab salad with spicy salsa

– Banana, strawberry and oat smoothie

– Small chocolate chick


Dinner was a YUMMY seafood salad with feta cheese, followed by fruit and yogurt. This is muuuuuuuuch more like it 😀

2013-03-26 18.20.102013-03-26 19.15.05


– Rocket salad with feta cheese, prawns and crabsticks, topped with spicy mexican salsa

– Strawberries, prunes and plain low cal yogurt with brown sugar



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