Back to life, back to reality…

Monday 25th March: 9st 8.75lbs

So obviously I was expecting a gain after this weekend as it was all a bit mental and to be honest 2.25lbs was less than I thought it may be so I was pretty happy stepping on the scales this morning. All in all, I feel a little better although that comes and goes. Anyway it was back to work this morning, back to reality. I didn’t have time to eat anything before I left but I had a cappuccino and chocolate when I got to the bus station. When I arrived at school I had a cereal bar and then at break, an apple and orange.

2013-03-25 07.55.562013-03-25 08.50.16green-apple-and-blood-orange

– Cappuccino (2 x sugar, full fat milk) and 1 x ‘bacio’ chocolate

Cereal bar (93 kcal)

– Green apple and Orange


Lunch was grilled chicken breast with veggies and soup with bread and crescenza. I couldn’t resist the bread roll but to be honest I was feeling pretty sick and could only eat half of the plate of chicken and veg. Later on I felt hungry and had a yogurt and small chocolate egg.

2013-03-25 11.56.292013-03-25 12.14.522013-03-25 12.27.26

– Vegetable soup with white bread roll and 60g crescenza

– Grilled chicken breast with baby carrots, zucchini and artichoke

– Peach yogurt

– Small chocolate egg


I was hungry again by the time I got home but knew I was meeting a friend later in the evening so I just snacked on some almonds. Later we went out to the local bar and had an aperitif followed by some ice cream.

2013-03-26 07.04.522013-03-25 20.10.562013-03-25 19.43.392013-03-25 19.46.48

– 15 almonds

1 glass of wine and plain crisps

Cart d’or ice cream (190 kcal)

– 1 glass Orange, carrot and lemon juice


Not a great diet plan all in all… I seem to have largely given up on having proper meals, instead just snacking on rubbish throughout the day. Not really the way I wanted to go with this… must try harder!


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