Heart of glass…

This morning the weather was wet and gross again which always makes it harder to drag myself out of bed at 5.30am! I was starving though so I ate an orange and a cracker with jam before leaving the house. I had a cappuccino at the bus station and another 2 at school (stress makes me crave caffeine!! :p ) and I also had a couple of little chocolate eggs at school.

2013-03-20 05.48.38am (2)am (5)am (3)am (4)

– 1 x blood orange and 1 x cracker with apple jam

– Cappuccino (2 x sugar, full fat milk)

– 2 x Cappuccino (1 x sugar, skimmed milk)

– 2 x mini chocolate eggs


Lunch was SUPER yummy; vegetarian lasagne, cheese and salad. I managed to hold off on the bread but I still felt very bloated afterwards!! Pasta definitely doesn’t agree with me 😦


– Vegetarian Lasagna with eggplant

– Salad of baby carrots, artichokes and chedder cheese


I was so exhausted and stressed by the time I got home that I couldn’t face preparing any dinner so I had a bowl of cottage cheese with banana and almonds. Later in the evening I had a couple of crackers and jam. I feel very fragile to be honest… one minute I’m on top of the world and excited about what the future might bring, the next I feel like I want to throw myself off the nearest bridge. My head is just spinning like crazy 😦

eve (2)eve


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