One foot in front of the other…

Thursday 21st March: 9st 6.5lbs

So despite the craziness of the last few days I HAVE actually lost weight which is a pleasant surprise. However I can’t help but suspect that that may be wiped out by the fact that I have my best friend (read: Knight in shining armour) coming out to stay with me this weekend to ‘cheer me up’. Whilst that is wonderful from an emotional perspective, I can’t see it doing my waistline any good. Oh well. What will be will be. Anyway, this morning I had another couple of crackers and jam for breakfast and a cappuccino with a ‘bacio’ chocolate at the station. At breaktime I was staaaarving so I had a banana, apple and a chocolate chip biscuit.

2013-03-21 05.39.112013-03-21 07.58.192013-03-21 09.53.26images (1)images

– 2 x crackers and apple jam

– 1 x cappuccino and ‘bacio’ chocolate

– Banana and apple

– Small chocolate chip cookie


So this lunchtime/afternoon just descended into a mass of bitty snacking. I just don’t have the will or the appetite to sit down to a proper meal…

2013-03-21 11.47.332013-03-21 12.47.182013-03-21 15.35.502013-03-21 16.24.03

– Banana and orange

– Campari Soda and plain crisps

– Bacio chocolate

– Green apple and 14 almonds


This evening was no better. If anything it was worse… I felt so on edge that all I felt I wanted were little sugar fixes. I feel quite shaky and weak. Must do better tomorrow.

2013-03-21 17.07.492013-03-21 17.07.49010101

– 2 x mini cornetto (140 kcal total)

– Camomile tea with biscuits


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