L.i.f.e.g.o.e.s.o.n… <3


Couldn’t weigh myself this morning because I was at my dad’s and he has no scales but all things considered, that may actually be a good thing. I was feeling super-sick this morning (definitely nothing to do with the grappa-downing last night…!) so I only had juice for breakfast

2013-03-17 09.58.12

– Apple, carrot and lemon juice


I was working the lunch shift at the bar so I didn’t get to eat until late. I ate some of the free crisps and nuts to stop myself from keeling over and then had some pasta with tomato and mozzarella sauce. I know I know, total carb overload. I’m depressed. Get over it 😉

images (36)images (37)2013-03-17 13.24.53

– Plain crisps and 1 handful salted peanuts

– Farfalle with tomato and mozzarella


I was feeling pretty down when I got home at about 3pm and at a bit of a loose end. My teeny apartment suddenly seemed far too big and despite the masses of housework that was overdue I couldn’t find any motivation to do ANYTHING. So when a friend randomly messaged me asking if I fancied a cuppa, I jumped at the chance, despite the snow. We drove down to a local bar for black tea and smiley biscuits.

2013-03-17 17.05.46

– Black tea and Biscuit with apricot jam


In the evening I felt like I needed to be around people so I went to stay with my Dad and his girlfriend and we went out for dinner with a couple of friends. I couldn’t resist an aperitivo (campari heals a broken heart, fact) and a post-dinner amaro BUT I was good and had the bresaola carpaccio and grilled vegetables instead of going for pizza like everyone else… swings and roundabouts.

2013-03-17 20.37.48 2013-03-17 21.02.392013-03-17 21.02.432013-03-17 21.32.55

– 1 x Campari soda and plain crisps

– Carpaccio of bresaola, rucola and shavings of grana

– Grilled Vegetables

– 1 x Montenegro


Difficult day, long weekend… feeling a bit fragile to be honest. Still going to try to be as mindful as possible under the circumstances but trying to actively diet in the next few days may be a step too far really.


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